Devices in my Prac room

My observation day with my mentor gave me a number of reasons to be excited about this upcoming placement….

Without sounding like I am bragging, my mentor is known in the school as the “tech guru” and implements A LOT of ICT into her lessons.

In the room there is an IWB which was used in EVERY – SINGLE – LESSON yesterday in some way shape or form, an iPad (yes, only 1 genuine item), 5 small generic style tablets which apparently don’t work very well so are usually flat and unused, 5 smart phones and ActivExpression clickers on every desk and a bank of 30 iPads we can book and borrow from the library for lessons…. I have a feeling there will be more surprises when I get into teaching properly next week!

Watching the clip and reading the description of the ActivExpression student response system I am SO excited to see them in use and I’m sure (seeing that I asked about them) that my mentor will have planned a lesson using them for Monday or Tuesday and I can’t wait to plan lessons of my own with them once I understand how they work!

I also got a few great tips from other teachers (I’m returning to the same site as my last placement so I already know the site and a lot of teachers), about ensuring all youtube clips are converted to files which are not dependent on a fast internet connection as this can often lag and become disruptive of teaching.

Perhaps because I already have these developed relationships I am not so much nervous as a bit concerned about not being able to meet such high expectations with all the amazing resources available for me…. I’m pretty lucky really, but reading Sharon’s blog it seems I am not alone in this concern either, as Sharon talks about being worried about transforming learning enough….. and I had to laugh reading the comment about being hugged by hordes of children after transforming their learning with ICT!!

I used this Onomatopoeia clip in my placement last year and I STILL have children approach me for hugs in the shopping centre and make an “onomatopoeia” sound for me 🙂 It was a fun lesson!

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First and foremost, I am a mum to a stunner of a daughter...I should probably learn to fire a gun before she turns 15..... but also a pre-service teacher with a taste for dilmah tea and a passion for protecting and preserving our Earth and the flora and fauna that inhabit it!
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