CyberSmart and Connect.ed

Better late than never I always say!

I finally got chance to complete the Connect.ed modules and get my certificate.

I was impressed to know that I already knew and understood a lot about what went on and the terminology relating to the Cyber world we live in. Trojan was new to me though, I had an idea of what it was through my prior knowledge of the Trojan horse story , it was interesting to find that it was not actually listed in the glossary as we are directed to, to discover the meaning of the terms we did not know…. I wonder who I can give that feedback to?

At another point in the module however, it was revealed in a pop up item to be a form of malware in disguise as a good program – like a virus scanning program – but instead installs a malicious virus on the computer to damage or collect data depending on its purpose.

As I am specialising in the Early Years and thus, only working with students up to grade 3, I found it useful to have the CyberSmart website resources (which I have saved to Diigo) to use with such young children as I found most of the program is aimed at older children (for obvious reasons).

I have to confess – I was completely unable to taunt poor Billy in the simulation or encourage the use of a vacant block as in the teenage simulation…. and looking back on my behaviour at those ages, I wouldn’t have then either. I was always the kid who befriended those left out, being bullied or a bit different and as I got older, I became more and more selective of my friends as to be honest, drunken weekends on vacant blocks just were’t my cup of tea……. Everyone thought I was stuck up….. personally, I think I was just sensible.

About traceydenison11

First and foremost, I am a mum to a stunner of a daughter...I should probably learn to fire a gun before she turns 15..... but also a pre-service teacher with a taste for dilmah tea and a passion for protecting and preserving our Earth and the flora and fauna that inhabit it!
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