As we head out on placement next week, some of us nervous, some of us excited, most of us a mixture of both, and all of us bound to make some mistakes along the way as we implement not only the ICTs that often frighten, confuse or just plain dumbfound us, but also the classroom management, social interaction, running on time, planning lessons and units, brush up on our content knowledge, improve on our pedagogical content knowledge stay up until the wee hours creating resources for the next day and use the wrong terminology during lessons……. I’d just like to share this little guy and his message and say “Good luck” to all my fellow EDC3100 students 🙂

About traceydenison11

First and foremost, I am a mum to a stunner of a daughter...I should probably learn to fire a gun before she turns 15..... but also a pre-service teacher with a taste for dilmah tea and a passion for protecting and preserving our Earth and the flora and fauna that inhabit it!
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