ICTs I’m using that could be helpful to others

Karen mentions in her blog about National Simultaneous Storytime at her school.

We also participated in this experience and my mentor didn’t have copy of the book chosen this year which was “The Brothers Quibble” so we downloaded it and watched the author Aaron Blabey read it for us 🙂

I’ve learnt to use this clip converter to download any youtube clips I want to use in classes because the internet at the school is horrendously slow.

I learnt to import a powerpoint presentation into ActivInspire this week gone – only to find that in class, the interactive lesson on speech marks where the students had to click on the correct punctuation format from a list of three to hear either ‘applause’ if they got it right or a ‘scream’ if they got it wrong…. wasn’t going to work because the ends of all the sentences (including the quotation marks) were cut off……… I managed to work out to resize the display to 75% (problem solving on the spot!) to continue with the activity as it took me a fair time to put the resource together!

A potential ICT fail turned into a useful learning opportunity and success!

Next week I’m teaching a follow up lesson on quotation marks and plan to open with this little gem from YouTube to teach a new concept….. see if you can work out what it is?

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First and foremost, I am a mum to a stunner of a daughter...I should probably learn to fire a gun before she turns 15..... but also a pre-service teacher with a taste for dilmah tea and a passion for protecting and preserving our Earth and the flora and fauna that inhabit it!
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