Two down, one to go!

So at the end of week two,:

  • There have been about 10 nights up past midnight
  • I have mostly lost my voice
  • I have some kind of sinus/head-cold/flu type virus (mostly likely due to exhaustion)
  • My house looks like a bomb has hit it
  • We have no food left in the house
  • I’ve barely seen my own child in two weeks and when I do, she’s grumpy at me for not being around much during the week and then spending most of the weekend planning….


  • The ochre I ordered on eBay for my science lesson on Wednesday next week arrived!
  • I have the opportunity to see a relief teacher in operation in my room next Tuesday
  • I have the opportunity to teach the whole day and get feedback from the same relief teacher on Wednesday (the more feedback from different teachers the better I think!)
  • Unlike Kara, my classroom is extremely ICT rich and barely a lesson passes when the IWB isn’t utilised
  • I have learnt to use ActivInspire, ActivExpression, become a little more familiar with iPads (as I am an Android girl myself) and scored a tonne of resources from my mentor
  • I am LOVING every moment of teaching I get to do!

About traceydenison11

First and foremost, I am a mum to a stunner of a daughter...I should probably learn to fire a gun before she turns 15..... but also a pre-service teacher with a taste for dilmah tea and a passion for protecting and preserving our Earth and the flora and fauna that inhabit it!
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